The SaniPath team conducted a 2-week training program from August 17-28, 2020 in collaboration with the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) in India. Our SaniPath training curriculum was adapted to a live virtual format on Zoom coupled with asynchronous assignments. A total of 59 individuals participated from 8 different countries, the majority from low-and middle-income countries in South Asia and Africa. The participants came from a variety of backgrounds and included engineers, urban planners, researchers, and other environmental health or sanitation practitioners from government, private sector, and academia.

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For more information about the SaniPath training and others hosted by CSE, visit their website:

Speaker: Dr. Christine Moe

SaniPath Co-Founder and Emory University Professor, Dr. Christine Moe, presented during the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) Webinar on the SaniPath Tool and how it is used to examine exposure to faecal contamination in urban, residential environments. The presentation covers: why exposure assessments are useful and the information they provide; an overview of the objectives and methods of the SaniPath Tool; key findings from Dhaka, Bangladesh; and how results can inform municipal and national policies and programming.

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Rethinking WASH indicators to understand and address environmental contamination and improve child growth

Speakers: Christine Moe, Suraja Raj, Habib Yakubu

Growing evidence is reinforcing that to ensure healthy growth and development, infants and young children (IYC) need to be far less exposed to feces in their environment. Even in the absence of diarrhea, fecal contamination affects nutrient absorption and IYC resilience to fight infections. However, several powerful randomized studies conclude that traditional WASH interventions aren’t effective to protect IYC and promote growth, and recommendations suggest we must move toward ‘Transformational WASH’.

The WASH, Nutrition & Child Growth Webinar series is an opportunity to discuss how the wealth of new research focusing on the impacts of harmful environmental pathogens can be applied in order to deliver more effective multi-sectoral WASH programming. PRO-WASH, USAID WASHPaLS and the Clean, Fed and Nurtured Coalition invite you to the third, and final installment in the series on May 26th at 9.00 am EST that will focus on rethinking WASH, program indicators in order to understand and address environmental contamination and improve child growth. Presentations will be given by representatives from the SaniPath team, at the Center for Global Safe WASH at Emory University.

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