Request Data Sets

The SaniPath data can be requested for additional research or programmatic use. De-identified data can be downloaded as a standardized data set after registration and electronic acceptance of a data transfer agreement. The standard data set includes:

  • Unidoc: master document to orient users about the data set. Summarizes deployments, including data that was collected for each location and the codes used to represent the data.

  • col_merged: results from environmental sample collection across deployments (e.g., date/time, neighborhood where sample was collected, and type of sample (i.e., pathway))

  • lab_merged: results from laboratory processes (IDEXX or membrane filtration) performed on environmental samples

  • c_merged: results from community-based surveys

  • h_merged: results from household-based survey

  • s_merged: results from school-based surveys

  • meta_data zip folder: multiple documents that provide keys for the questions asked during surveys (community, household, and school) and the answer options. It also contains information about deployment partners, neighborhoods, codes for various kinds of produce and street food,  sample type codes, and behavioral frequency denominators

View codebook/documentation here [link]. To view summarized results please visit the Results Dashboard. To access the SaniPath analysis R code, visit our GitLab page

The SaniPath Team and Emory University are required to disclose who SaniPath data is distributed to, the type of data distributed (i.e., content), and the frequency of distributions to the Institutional Review Board(s) who have ethical oversight of the SaniPath data.

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, you agree that the information shared herein may be included in applicable reports for Institutional Review Boards regarding requests for access to and distribution of SaniPath data.


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