• SaniPath

Using Evidence-Based Decision Making to Guide Sanitation Investments in Low Resource Settings

H Yakubu

39th WEDC Conference (July 2016)

The Center for Global Safe Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene; the Emory University/Water Institute of CSIR/ TREND Group; and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development hosted a side event showcasing the experiences of local partners who deployed the SaniPath Tool in Accra, Ghana. This side event delved into the usability of the tool, and the tool’s impact and usage by decision-makers. During the event, interested participants were encouraged to critique the tool and share whether the tool could be applied within their own work. The purpose of the Water, Engineering, and Development Center (WEDC) Conference is to “support knowledge-sharing, develop capacity and improve good practice for the sustainable delivery for water, sanitation, and hygiene services for low- and middle-income countries.”

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